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Opening at MASA

Posted by Tony Paraná

"Take Me Somewhere"
Charcoal on paper

Adrienne Wong:

Locations hold memories; places have meaning. Intrigued by the city landscape that surrounds us; the relationship of nature with the urban environment, and our relationship within it and with each other Adrienne Wong captures moments and feelings, to tell a story. She communicates those observations and emotions to transport the viewer to a different world, of dreamlike uncertainty and at the unclear transition time between day and night. These strange worlds of painted or drawn horizontal lines are devoid of the usual visual cues, suggesting movement within areas of spatial ambiguity.

Adrienne Wong lives and works in Houston. She holds a BFA (Hons) from the University of the Arts London (Central St Martins-Byam Shaw) and a Foundation art degree from the City & Guilds of London Art School. Her work has been selected for group exhibitions in the US and internationally including Georgetown Art Hop, Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art, The Hunting Art Prize, The Celeste Art Prize UK and Liberte d’expression.



New Exhibition

Posted by Tony Paraná

Adrienne show


Past Exhibitions

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New Surfaces – December 14th

Posted by Kylene Vasquez

Across the Line 20 (Detail) by Nico Whittaker

New Surfaces, an upcoming art exhibition, will feature new artwork by seven currently based Texas artists.  Five artists from the Montrose Art Society, a Houston based artist collective, and an additional two guest artists collaborated in this new project venture that seeks to create a unique dialogue between the artwork that is being displayed on the walls and that which is occupying the entire gallery space.  New Surfaces will reflect the respective processes and mediums of each artist and will include paintings, drawings, sculptures and video installations that will examine a variety of themes, including the automatism of lines, cultural influences and the synthesis of space and time.

Featured artists include: Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola, Angel Quesada, Raul Gonzalez, Tony Parana, Eduardo Portillo, Nico Whittaker, and Kylene Vasquez.

The opening reception will be Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at the MAS Alternative Exhibition Space located at 1824 Spring Street, Studio 227, Houston, Texas, 77007.  Light refreshments will be available.

*"The opening reception will feature a live collaboration between Pablo Gimenez Zapiola (video projections) and Carlos Pozo (ambient sound).

Carlos Pozo makes slowly evolving ambient soundscapes using a mix of abstract electric drones and pulses with melodic loops and field recordings.

Though generally working separately, Pozo's sounds seem to sync uncannily when performed alongside Giménez Zapiola's projected images. Both artists share an interest in clean simplicity as well as a low key search for beauty and the sublime."

Phone – 281.761.5619

New Surfaces


New Paintings

Posted by Kylene Vasquez

July 27 - 31, 2013, New Paintings by Brandon Araujo,
Dylan Roberts, Guillaume Gelot, and Isaiah López in
conjunction with MAS Exhibition Space

Saturday, July 27
6 – 10 pm
MAS Exhibition Space
Spring Street Studios
1824 Spring Street
Houston, TX 77007

This opening reception at MAS Exhibition space will be featuring
completely new work by local and emerging artists Brandon Araujo,
Dylan Roberts, Guillaume Gelot, and Isaiah López. They are
concerned with the visual language surrounding abstract painting
and experimentation while the majority of this work, albeit eclectic,
is predominately grounded in 2-d processes and painting. Araujo,
Roberts, and Gelot are all recent studio arts graduates from UH
while López has some formal art training he has pursued his practice
outside of art institutions.

They have been included in local and community organized shows
and exhibitions including Box 13,Tha Joanna, Lawndale Art Center,
and Caroline Collective and have all been included in a non-traditional
exhibition curated and organized by López. They all contribute and
participate in self-organized group critiques that allow them to maintain
a frequent dialogue and exchange of ideas that underpin this new
work. Although these new paintings explore abstraction, the methodologies
and dialogues employed vary significantly.

Brandon Araujo’s work is strictly abstract with experimentation firmly
imbedded within the act of painting and application of materials on
canvas. He underlies this by stating that “the paintings are made in
a balanced state between control and chance… I avoid working towards
a set image and allow the paintings to respond to the various materials
being used.” In his previous work this has manifested in layered washes
of indigo forming patterns and creating various aesthetic affects and
compositions as it was scraped, squeegeed, and wiped with gradient
translucency. He most recently displayed these at a solo show at Domy
curated by Cody Ledvina.

Dylan Roberts’ approach to mark making and painting differs in his
emphasis on the physical response his other-worldly compositions have
on himself and its viewers. On his visceral response to art he writes
that “as my eyes roll back into my head and my tongue violently
protrudes from my mouth in ecstatic vibrations reaching out towards
the painting hung before me, I start to formulate ideas of how, I,
through the humble composition of my being may produce my own
offering of magnificent eye fucking.” Although the forms in his paintings
are not figurative or representational, the planes of tone and texture
establish landscapes that are punctuated with strange growths, plants,
marbleized stone, and anthropomorphized blobs of collaged paper on paint.

Guillaume Gelot studied sculpture at UH and currently works for Mark
Flood. His practice is eclectic, using different types of mediums, but
this new body of work is purely comprised of small intimate paintings.
He approaches the canvas with the desire to evoke a mood and he
explains that “I like a polite, delicate kind of calm image, usually one that
feels frozen in time and along with it a quickness and a i-don’t-careism
in regards to finish and notions of completion.” This is best understood
by his preference to paint at night, when detail and time recede,
allowing for the simplicity of empty spaces and the cold moonlight
to inform his aesthetic reflections and compositions.

Isaiah López is a prolific and constant maker and his dedication to
painting is described, by the artist, as “a natural attraction.” His most
recent work deals with the variations and gestures of making similar
marks and patterns over the entire surface of a painting. Similarly to
Araujo, this experimentation is best revealed by working in a serial
fashion, as he states; “I like the intimacy that stubbornly sticking to
something creates, and also the unintended pictures that surface in
the series.” He has also curated and organized a motley salon-style
exhibition, titled the Apartment Show, and plans on continuing its

by Isabel Arbelaez Botero


New Paintings by Brandon, Dylan, Guillaume, and Isaiah

Posted by Kylene Vasquez

new paintings 2

The Montrose Art Society is pleased to present an exhibition showcasing new works by Brandon Araujo, Dylan Roberts, Guillaume Gelot, and Isaiah López, four emerging Houston artists displaying a diverse range of paintings.  Please join the artists Saturday, July 27th for an opening reception at MAS Exhibition Space from 6 – 9 pm.  Light refreshments will be available.



Posted by Kylene Vasquez

We had our first movie event last weekend and while it was a small crowd we had a great time!  We’re looking forward to hosting another free movie next month.  We have some upcoming announcements!  On Friday, April 5th, Eduardo Portillo will be having his first solo show, Painting in Space, opening at HCC Northeast Northline Gallery from 6:00 – 8:30 pm.  The gallery is located at 8001 Fulton Street, Houston, Texas 77022.  Eduardo’s been busy transforming the gallery into something spectacular.  We hope to see you there!

On Friday, April 12th we have two events simultaneously occurring!  Kylene Vasquez is showing work in Urban Ink, a group exhibition, featuring some other amazing artists at the Imperial Gallery in Rosenberg, Texas from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.  The gallery is located at 823 3rd Street, Rosenberg, Texas 77471.  If you’re in that neck of the woods, feel free to stop by!

Last but not least, Winter and Spring Street Studios spring artists’ exhibition Art will open on Friday, April 12th from 6:00 – 10:00 pm.  Artists in both studios will open their doors to greet guests and show their new work.  In conjunction with the open studios, artists in both studios will participate in Boxes for Freedom, benefiting Freedom Place, a project of Arrow Child and Family Ministries.  To learn more about Freedom Place, please click on the hyperlink.  The Montrose Art Society (Studio #227) will have its doors open inside Spring Street Studios.  Artists, Eduardo Portillo and Tony Paraná, will both participate in the Boxes for Freedom exhibition as well.  We hope to see you at this great show benefiting a great cause!

Winter Street Studios is located at 2101 Winter Street, Houston, Texas 77007.

Spring Street Studios is located at 1824 Spring Street, Houston, Texas 77007.



Posted by Kylene Vasquez

We would love to thank 90.1 FM KPFT Houston for featuring us on Thursday evening's Living Art program!  We had a blast going on air speaking about our collective, the Quattro Exhibition and art in general.  Alex Tu and Michael Woodson were fabulous hosts and we enjoyed speaking with them.  If you're not familiar with the station make sure to check it out!

On another note, the Quattro Exhibition last night was a huge success!  We had an amazing turnout and are extremely thankful for the support around us.

*REMINDER On Saturday, March 16th from 3:00 - 5:00 pm we will be showing Goya's Ghosts (2006) directed by Milos Forman at MAS Alternative Exhibition Space (1824 Spring Street, Studio #227 Houston, Texas 77007).  The movie is FREE!  So, come on out if you're in the area!  We'll have a small discussion after the film.  Light refreshments will also be available.  


QUATTRO Exhibition

Posted by Kylene Vasquez


© Flyer design by Edu Portillo

Montrose Art Society is gearing up for their first big show of the year on Saturday, March 9th from 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm.  We’re located in Studio #227 aka MAS Alternative Exhibition Space (second floor) inside Spring Street Studios (1824 Spring Street Houston, Texas 77007).

QUATTRO will feature new artwork by Tony Paraná, Eduardo Portillo, Nico Whittaker and Kylene Vasquez!

Feel free to check it out if you’re in the area!  Also, don’t hesitate to invite others!  There will be some light refreshments, music, and great artwork to see and/or purchase!  In addition to having work exhibited, we will also have a print giveaway, something you don’t want to miss.  We will also share information on upcoming classes we’re going to begin offering to the public and different events we’ll be hosting throughout the year. Hope to see you there!

Free admission.


© Flyer design by Edu Portillo




MAS Opens Doors at Spring Street Studios

Posted by eduporfuente

February 9th, 2013

MAS / Studio #227

We had a very productive day at studio #227 today. Spring Street Studios opened its doors with the usual 2nd Saturday Open Studios and MAS followed up by turning on the lights  to show some new works from our members Tony Paraná, Eduardo Portillo, Nico Whittaker and our brand new member Kylene Vasquez. We were very pleased to have our followers come see us.


Tony Paraná and his latest work


"Colgado" Eduardo Portillo Installation

Installation by Eduardo Portillo


Thank you for your support.
Above: Nico Whittaker explaining his new approaches on his work












Right side: Kylene Vasquez's work.

Right side: Kylene Vasquez's work

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